Group or Instance level default merge request template

We use GL Premium on premises. Many projects per group. Was looking to enforce a single default MR template across all projects within a group or even the entire instance. (Possibly overridden if a project has a default template in place. OR the global template would be either be appended or prepended.).

I can see how to set up group level templates for use. And I can see how to set a DEFAULT template within each project.

Want all project’s MR description pre-filled on creation with the group level default template.

Is it possible and if so, how?

Many thanks!

There’s a feature for that in gitlab premium: Description templates | GitLab

Thanks for responding! But it seems the “default” must be set in each project. You can’t select a default description from the template project.

I think I may need to open a feature request. But I’m surprised that this isn’t something that isn’t already in place.

I apologize! My eyes skipped over a section! It says issues but it may also work for MR. I’ll go check it out! Thanks again!

To set a default description template for issues:

  1. Select Expand under Default issue template .
  2. Fill in the Default description template for issues text area.

And now that I read it again, I’m back to step one. Once again, you have to fill out a specific template within the project. :frowning: