Phone Verification SMS not received (Unable to login and register)

Hi, I’ve been trying to log-in with Google/Github or register with Google/Github for the past few days. But all process seems to ask for Phone Verification for step 1.

The problem is I cannot receive any verification code (+63 Philippines). I have used different pairs of email and phone number right now but no luck on the phone verification side. I can receive the email verification code though.

I test the numbers that I use (by making sure it can receive call and sms) before putting them into the registration.

It might be a very basic problem, but it’s currently my blocker right now, since I can’t use gitlab.


I have the exactly same problem. This is a bug with GitLab and they do not seem to pay attention to the numerous complains online.

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Same problem I encounter. Hope someone will fix this issue

Bro Same Problem here,How can I do?

Same problem with Latvian phone numbers for multiple carries (+371)

same here, i hope they remove cellphone verification :frowning:

I’m having the same issue, any solution everyone?

Same problem here, any solution since september?

sudah bisa belum mas?

same problem here, any solutions ???

I have the same problem, try 2 different numbers(+62) and still do not get the message from GitLab

+972 numbers, completely stuck here at our company, this is insane its still a problem

I also don’t receive any SMS (Kazakhstan), no matter how much I try to request these SMS. The phone number is real and belongs to me, and other SMS messages come to me normally.

I think that GitLab has “effective” managers who specifically force people to verify through a credit card, and not through a phone number, in order to write off funds at the first opportunity.

Extremely disgusting policy and restriction that they think will not raise anger towards their product. But this is absolutely not true.

If you have the same problem, I advise you to look for another product.


Having the same issue. Being forced to use CC verification makes it feel like a phishing site and not an Enterprise level service. If you don’t intend to support phone verification then just inform the customers and remove it form the UI instead of just ignoring the problem

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Hi all,

I have the same problem, but I fixed it using smspool to get a phone number from a country where gitlab does can send code message to.

Hope this help, good luck !!

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This works. I have been stuck here for the past 2 days and can’t accept the invitation from our project manager. Thank you.

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Same happening here with my Mexican number (+52)

I have the same issue with my Egyptian number (+20)

Still facing this issue till today. The reported date is Sep7. I think gitlab must fix this asap. Unable to onboard new member

could you please let me know which country code is working?