Pipeline Minute Quotas on GitLab.com

This detailed customer FAQ and pipeline minute quotas outlines how you can manage and reduce your CI/CD minutes usage.

In order to publish your feedback regarding this change, please add a reply to this thread. Consider adding the following to your contribution:

  • Your current CI/CD minutes usage
  • GitLab Usecase (e.g., SCM + CI/CD, CI/CD only, CI only, etc.)
  • Questions that aren’t answered in the customer FAQ

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with your perspective. Please allow our Product Team some time to review the input you add here.

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What’s Upcoming?

The sequence of work is expected to go as follows:

  1. Expose the duration of public project pipelines for visibility via API and in charts

  2. Distinguish open source software program namespaces and projects differently from public/private in GitLab

  3. Implement 1:1 CI/CD minute to pipeline duration minute quota for non-OSS public projects created after 2021-07-17

  4. Implement 1:1 CI/CD minute to pipeline duration minute quota for all non-OSS projects

For more information, follow along in our CI/CD minutes limits for public projects on GitLab.com epic.

What’s in the future?

We are looking to enhance the management experience of CI minutes and add features such as:

  1. CI/CD Minute Notifications - as you approach your quota receive notifications before you have a failed pipeline

  2. Configure CI/CD Minute quotas per project and namespace - redistribute your CI minute quota to the projects and namespaces most in need

  3. And other enhancements you can follow along in our Continuous Integration Category Direction Page