Where to find how many CI/CD pipeline minutes i have used

Where to find how many CI/CD pipeline minutes i have used?

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Hi this didnt work for me :confused:

Where i can find used CI/CD pipelines minute.
And how many is included in free plan for private and for public repositories?

Hey @random6526514, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

Namespaces on the Free plan get 2,000 CI minutes per month, resetting on the first of the month, which goes for both private and public groups and projects on GitLab.com.

That link is 404'ing for you because we moved where usage quotas are viewed for both groups and personal namespaces. So, depending on which you’re using you can find your pipeline minutes quota either by:

Thanks if i will have 2 project groups how many minutes i will get per group? 2000 for each?

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@random6526514 Minutes are allocated per namespace so if you have a group all projects within that group share the 2,000 minutes if that group is on Free. The same goes for your personal namespace, all projects within it share the number of minutes that it’s allocated based on what plan it’s on.

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Are they unlimited for public projects? image