Project creation : projects invisible


I just installed gitlab on my server and tried to create a repository, when doing so there is a red popup that says " Visibility level is reserved ". The project is however created in the repository directory, there is just no way to make it show up in the interface.

I have modified gitlab.yml so that I have the following lines :

restricted_visibility_levels: [ "private" ]
   visibility_level:  "private"

The logs do show this line :

  Processing by ProjectsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓",  "authenticity_token"=>"KBLS0IItF4XUWEzRiHUYaJDyfxuNSpKdR2SawJK1Vwc=", "project"=>{"path"=>"test", "namespace_id"=>"1", "import_url"=>"", "description"=>"", "visibility_level"=>"0"}}

Does anyone know why that is and how to fix this ?

EDIT: after looking manually at the database (mariadb), it seems no project was added to the table. Although the databas works, since I can add users/groups/etc…

There were some problems with the visibility level that should be fixed in the current7.9rc3.
This sounds a lot like it. Please test it again with 7.9 which will be released on sunday.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll update my gitlab and try that on sunday then.