Price&package=install gitlab on our own server for license less than 10users

hi, we would like to have our developer using gitlab that running on our own server (maintain by our own engineer) .
we have less than 10 developers
i dont know which package shall i go and take

Hi cyberizal. I’m a GitLab Service Engineer. Whether you purchase Basic or Standard subscription really depends on the level of support you wish to receive.

The basic subscription affords you access to an Enterprise license and email support. This means we will answer any questions you have via our subscriber support email - generally same day but the service-level is next day. If you have issues during upgrades, we’ll also answer those questions.

The standard subscription gives you all of the above plus 24/7 emergency support and live upgrade assistance. You get access to our on-call engineer for problems where GitLab is completely unavailable for your users. We will also schedule live web conferences for upgrades if you require assistance.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our sales team at sales at You can also request a trial version of GitLab Enterprise from or from our sales team.