I tried Gitlab, loved it, now what?

Hello there,

As a daily user of Gitlab for all the project I’m involve with, I use the .com as you guys provide everything I need there. I like this model as I don’t have to spend time on a server doing backups, upgrading the version to get the last fancy feature, make things work, …

As the current .com is simply too good to be true, I’m very willing to stay as a free user paying a fee to support you as it would be quite sad if the service ever shut down in the future.

Do you have an link to let your happy free user support you?


I said a while ago I was quite happy to buy a single license for EE (they only do them in packs of 10/100s) and they weren’t interested…

Maybe the number of us willing to are quite small and it pales in comparison to EE licenses from the big firms that use it, that it’s not worth their effort to administer?

Hi everyone,

It’s great that the GitLab.com service is really working for you. GitLab have already declared reasons why GitLab.com will be free forever.

On the same page you can read about the GitLab.com Bronze support package that is available. The GitLab.com feature set is exactly the same, along with next business day Support, should you ever require it.