Problem about upgrade of Gitlab

I would like to update Gitlab, from version 10.3.5 to version 13.11.2
Following the official documentation, I simply execute:
-yum update gitlab-ce (no error)
-gitlab-ctl restart (no error)

The problem is that after this operation without any error, the version of gitlab did not change

Anyone know why and could help me?

Thank you

You can’t upgrade directly from 10.3.5 til 13.11.2, see

I think the scripts run on update on Debian (and derivatives, my experience with redhat is more than 20 years back, yum didn’t exist then - but I guess it’s the same) check that you’re not attempting such an upgrade, and fail instead of breaking GitLab. If you had shared the output of your commands we would be able to say.

As @grove mentioned you cannot update just like that, see the docs for correct upgrade paths.
Please also provide output of rpm -q gitlab-ce and output from yum search gitlab-ce --showduplicates