Problem with file encoding on special chars coming from windows

I am experiencing a problem when submiting a file with non utf-8 chars (ex. á, ã) to the repository.
I am using tortoisegit over windows to commit and push the file to the repo.

  • If i pull the file from the repository to my windows system (thru tortoisegit), everythings goes ok;
  • If i access the gitlab web interface and navigate to the repository file, when showing the content the special chars are omited;
  • When i get the file thru the api the special chars are not presente either (ex. http://<git_host>/api/v4/projects/<project_id>/files/test.php?ref=master&private_token=<private_token>

This is the open gitlab installation on a clean centos 7 OS.

Does anyone has the same issue and have a workaround for it?

João Moreira