Problem with shared runners blue*

I am not a Gitlab expert, I inherited a CI/CD setup from someone else, but I usually know enough to keep it running etc.

I have a few jobs which run using shared runners. Such as …

All this gitlab stuff usually just works, however over the past week or so all jobs have just been in a “stuck” / “pending” state.

On further inspection of the settings/CI/CD/runners page, alot of the blue* runners seem to be offline.

Does anyone know why this is … are they down for maintenance or something ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Which tags are used in the GitLab CI/CD job configuration?

17.0 unified the runner tags, and removed deprecated tags, too, for hosted shared runners.

I have the following …

    - docker

I have followed the above page you posted regarding deprecated tags, and i think everything is up and running now.

Thank you so much, you have saved the day.

Really appreciate the support.


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