Unable to export project

I’m trying to remove some sensitive data from Gitlab.com project history by following Purge File From Repository.

So far I’m not able to Export Project. After clicking on “Export project” I see success message:


Still, after 48 hours I haven’t received any emails. Also, download link isn’t available at Settings. I retried multiple times with identical result.

I suppose it may be related to project’s size (according to main page currently project uses 12GB of storage).

Overall it would be nice to know: How to export project successfully (or how long should I wait for export)? Also, are there any alternative ways to export repository itself, so sensitive data can be purged?

I’m using gitlab.com.

I appreciate any help.

For anyone who is facing same problem:

  • ensure your notification email is correct
  • initiate “Export project” at the end of the work day when no one is using repo. I suppose this is relevant for big projects. Unfortunately, documentation doesn’t mention that.

Overall, by following approach above I was able to export my 12GB project (archive has size of 3GB).