Projects Not Being Removed

We upgraded to the latest gitlab-ce about 7 days ago
gitlab/gitlab-ce latest

We have 2 projects that we would like to remove but even as admin we are unable to.
Project 1: was someone just testing things, we go through the screens, type in the name of the project and then get a 500 error.

Project 2: Somoene just started putting the wrong stuff in and it has about 30GB of data in it. Don’t mind it but we need to clean it up. However, we also tried to just remove it and start fresh but we also get the 500 error. Maybe there is a better way to clean it up and leave it around but we really don’t want the large binary files in any type of history.

I’m admin, we did upgrade to the latest thinking there might be a bug but had issues with the database upgrade. So we set it so that the DB didn’t upgrade and we got back up and running.

Is there some command line options that can help me determine what needs to happen to clean this up. I don’t mind removing the large binaries it’s just that it’s “slow”.

Thanks for any help