Proposal: Support granular feature pricing for commonly used non-free-tier features

I am intend to enable the group-level project templates premium-tier feature for my group 自由知識協作平台 Libre Knowledge Collaboration Platform which unfortunately cannot apply for the GitLab for Open Source Program due to the non-OSI approved open source license usage, however the current 29USD/user/month pricing is simply not favourable for such a hobby project that provides little to no personal income.

As I only needed this single feature I would like to propose a more granular pricing model that allows the user to buy/subscribe to a single/small set of features they need under a relatively low price(I am currently willing to pay at most 3USD/user/month for the group-level project templates feature, which I believe is relatively fair as such feature shouldn’t increase much of your service hosting cost). I believe this on-demand pricing model can also encourage end-users to monetarily support GitLab and make your business more sustainable.

Thanks in advance!