Protected branch not working

Good day. Help me. I installed Gitlab-CE version 13.7.1 on FreeBSD 11.4 from source. User authentication via LDAP.
My steps
0) Connected as xxx (administrator)

  1. I created a new pivate project “test-zzz”
  2. I added a new file “”
  3. Added a branch “developer”
  4. Settings → Repository → Protected Branches. Selected “master” and set Allow to merge = “Maintainers” and Allow to push = “Maintainers”
  5. Added zzz user as a developer to the project.
  6. Install git on the remote machine.
    a) git clone https: // zzz: ******
    b) cd test-zzz
    c) git branch --show-current
    result: master
    c) echo “new comment” >>
    d) git add.
    e) git push
  7. I thought the error “You do not have permission to push” should occur. But the push succeeds.

Where is my error?

Just to check, at step 4 you mention “Allow to merge” twice, I expect that one of those is “Allow to push”? If that assumption is correct, I don’t know what’s going wrong, sorry.