Provided SSH URL is in the wrong format

We’re using GitLab at our site. My project web-page

has a pane that alternately shows the HTTPS and SSH access paths

The SSH path is in the wrong format, however. It took me awhile to figure out why the repository operations were asking for ID & password when I’d uploaded the SSH tokens correctly. The right format for the .git/config file is

   url =

Note that the corresponding pane on the BitBucket website

gives the correct format for the SSH path
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There are some other problem-tickets related to authentication not working. The descriptions are complex enough that I can’t tell if the root-cause is related or not:

hello, prefixing with ssh:// actually avoids some problems concerning detection of the ssh port and is THE canonical URL form as found in the man page of git clone. All three of gitlab, github and this wrongly. Your problem is the colon between host and group, with the canonical form there needs to be a slash instead.

regards mirko