Push mirroring to GitHub stopped working


Since the GitHub’s hostkey change around March 23rd, our push mirroring to GitHub stopped working with the error below. It persists even after retrigerring the mirror multiple times.

"SOMETHING NASTY!\r\nSomeone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!\r\nIt is also possible that a host key has just been changed.\r\nThe fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is\nSHA256:uNiVztksCsDhcc0u9e8BujQXVUpKZIDTMczCvj3tD2s.\r\nPlease contact your system administrator.\r\nAdd correct host key in /tmp/gitaly-ssh-invocation89955874/known-hosts to get rid of this message.\r\nOffending RSA key in /tmp/gitaly-ssh-invocation89955874/known-hosts:1\r\n remove with:\r\n ssh-keygen -f \"/tmp/gitaly-ssh-invocation89955874/known-hosts\" -R \"github.com\"\r\nRSA host key for github.com has changed and you have requested strict checking.\r\nHost key verification failed.\r\nfatal: Could not read from remote repository.\n\nPlease make sure you have the correct access rights\nand the repository exists.\n".

Does anyone know any workaround for this? I’m wondering whether it helps to re-create the mirroring setting.

P.S. I’m aware of Mirroring from github stopped but it seems like the opposite direction and not caused by the SSH hostkey change.

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Hi dueno,

Did you ever cure this? I just spotted my mirroring has been failing since 23rd March, at least your post explains why!

I tried re-creating the SSH public keys on GitHub using the Public keys stored in GitLab for the repo mirroring setting, but that didn’t cure it.

Wondering if this is something Gitlab themselves need to cure on their git servers?


Sorry for not posting update; it started working again for me, after removing and re-creating the mirror setting.