Pypi packages in Comunity-edition

When I understood the post right th gitlab Pypi repo is now a part of CE

In March, we announced that the GitLab PyPI Repository and support for other package manager formats will be moved to open source.
You can follow along as we work to make these features more broadly available in the epic.

So I thought to try it out on my self-hosted internal instance and followed these steps:
as the documentation tells me enabled support for the Package Registry in gitlab.rb. but so far I only “see” the container registery

and when I try to upload the package with twine my instance returns me only.

Content received from server:
{"message":"403 Forbidden"}

I have the feeling that the registry isn’t enabled yet.

maybe someone else got an idea whats going on.
Gitlab v. 13.2.3

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you are not the only one trying to troubleshoot an unfinished integration :raising_hand_man:

apparently the feature ll be shipped in 13.3