Q4'2018 Hackathon



All, I’m excited to announce the next Hackathon on November 14-15. You can see the Hackathon blog post at https://about.gitlab.com/2018/10/23/q4-hackathon-announcement/ with a sneak preview of prizes!



Please check the Hackathon wiki page as more details are added. We’re starting to line up good tutorial topics/speakers…


Just a quick reminder that the Q4 Hackathon is now a week away! We’ll be live streaming tutorial sessions and I just added live stream links for all sessions on the event wiki page


The Hackathon starts tomorrow, and if you’re not on the GitLab Community room in Gitter, please join us at https://gitter.im/gitlabhq/community. This is open to everyone and we’ll be using Gitter for most of our communications during the Hackathon…


My earlier twitter post on Day 1 of the Hackathon: https://twitter.com/rspaik/status/1062758217980071936


Thanks again for everyone who participated in the Hackathon last week. Just a quick reminder that you have until 23:00 UTC on November 26th to have your MRs merged to be eligible for prizes. If you need any help with your MRs, feel free to ping me or dplanella . Based on the Hackathon MR list, so far we have 30 (out of 64) MR’s merged so far…