Random Merge Requests, Issues and Branches Appeared in Repository

I created a private repository about a week ago and yesterday I saw a bunch of erroneous/random merge requests and issues that have been created in the repository. The issues/merge requests say that it was created by me 3 months ago which makes no sense as the repository itself was created 5 days ago. It also has a bunch of random labels and milestones attached to it. I have deleted the repository for now but wanted to report it here. I have attached images for reference. Please advise what to do if it happens again. Thanks.

Hi I have a similar issue with a private repo. All these pull requests are dated to a time anterior to repo’s creation.
I also had many branches created with random things written in latin.
Few days ago something new poped up in my activity, a lot of issue reports with the same message:

Use the bluetooth EXE port, then you can quantify the redundant monitor!


By Administrator on 2020-09-25T11:42:22 (imported from GitLab)

Please can someone tell us were these messages come from?

Dude same, what the hell are these???

I am facing the same problem. This is a bit unsettling. There are some random issues being created on my Project and they look really weird too. They have a created date going as far back as 4 months when the project is only been on GitLab for just over a week. This looks a bit scary!

Here the same thing happened, we suddenly have 28 issues and a bunch of PRs, all in latin, similar to what @dktj, @yonderbread, @ssudarsan are saying!

The exact same thing happened to me, with a private project created just a week ago. A lot of random latin MRs, issues and branches prior to repo creation.

I am facing the exact same issue. Also created a repository 5 days ago and suddenly i am having many issues and random (latin) branches from 4 month ago.

apparently this is part of the Template used…?

Yes, if you create a new project/repo using a template, you will get template issues, etc. I suggest using the “Create blank project” option.

Same here. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just noticed this in a 4-day old project, a bunch of branches in a private repo containing README.md and many files which seem to be conjugations of latin grammar.