README works from, but not pushing local file

Please help!

I created in the root of my project on branch “master” and then pushed to Gitlab. Gitlab said, “Your project doesn’t have a README.” I disagree.

I deleted from the root of my project and then pushed again to Gitlab. Then I clicked the “add a README” link to create a file with the same content. Then, Gitlab rendered the README file as I would expect.

I fetched the commit from Gitlab, squashed it together with the commits that I made to try to get this working. The result was a single commit creating with the right content. I force-pushed, and then Gitlab said, “Your project doesn’t have a README.”

It’s right there. :slight_smile:


It looks like some kind of caching problem, but I don’t think it’s a browser caching problem. It might be in how renders that block of the page. I pushed a change to my and the version of rendered on the project page hasn’t changed. I checked: clearing my browser cache did not help.