Regarding gitlab migration to latest version

Hi, can anyone help me out what will be the process for gitlab migration community edition from 12.4.3 to 14.3 version in centos7. Can you please provide if there is any decument.

Hi, as per the docs here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

12.1.17 → 12.10.14 → 13.0.14 → 13.1.11 → 13.8.8 → latest 13.12.Z → latest 14.0.Z → latest 14.Y.Z

since you are on 12.4.3, your upgrade should start with 12.10.14 and also as per the upgrade docs, ensure background migrations have finished before starting the next upgrade.

Hi, can you tell how to do background migrations.

Did you read the link to the docs I sent? It is exactly on that page exactly how to do it. On the right hand side of the page is a menu, and there is a bookmark to the section about background migrations.

Hi, 14.0.Z means which version i need to install

Latest 14.0 version which at present is 14.0.11.