Remove "Learn GitLab" Tutorial on Sidebar

I just started the free trial on GitLab and try to setup a fitting structure for my projects. When I select a project, the left sidebar contains an item “Learn GitLab” that offers some kind of tutorials. For now, I do not want to finish them and just want to remove it, so that the sidebar is clean and only contains relevant items. Is there a way to remove the item in the sidebar without going through all steps of the tutorial?

I use the SaaS GitLab version. The current version is GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.8.0-pre.

Since “Learn GitLab” is such a general term, I have not found any related information here or via google. I tried to find an option in the settings, but have not found anything.

Thanks for any tips.


No it’s not possible for you to edit the sidebar. Especially more so on Gitlab SaaS, because nobody there has Admin privileges except that Gitlab Team/Employees. And normal users of Gitlab SaaS do not have any Admin privileges and won’t either.

Even on your own self-managed installation it isn’t possible to customise the sidebar.

I don’t have it on my SaaS sidebar so no idea why that is.

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