Repo with tags does not run on shared runner without tags after runner update

We updated the runner from 9.5.1 to 10.5.0 following the instructions on . After the update the runner registers just fine, but we saw that a shared runner was locked (not totally sure whether it wasn’t before the update, but still quite sure). We unlocked the runner.
Now we have a runner with a tag which this shared runner does not run and we get the notification: “This job is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners online with any of these tags assigned to them: mytag. Go to runners page”.
Shared runners is enabled for the project.
Projects without tags run fine, also when I add the tag to the runner, it runs fine, but we don’t want to add all tags of all projects to the runner or have to enable projects for the runner.
When removing the tag from the runner, it gives the same notification. We also re-registered the runner and got the same result.

gitlab version 10.5.5/1.5.6 EE (we upgraded gitlab to the latest version after the runner update)
gitlab runner version 10.5.0

ow and the question is: how do we get a shared runner without tags to accept tagged jobs, if there is no runner with a better tag?
Or is this the intended behaviour and is my memory faulty :slight_smile:

Discussed this with a colleague who convinced me this is intended and desired behaviour

So just to confirm (as I have the same issue) - if a runner has no tags associated (and has the Run untagged jobs checkbox checked) is will not pick up and jobs that have a tag?


Hey, thanks for the quick reply. That’s a bit of a bummer - in your research, is it “intended and desired” behaviour solely because if an untagged shared runner ran all tagged-or-untagged projects it could end up just accepting any and all projects on the instance and that might be bad, or some other reason? Because, in our situation, that’s basically exactly what I want, and it seems silly to remove all tags from the projects to have this happen or include all possible tags in the runner itself.

If I remember correctly, the principle was that you only add tags (to projects as well as runners) when you really need to and thus tagging all projects/jobs was unnecessary. So when you already did tag projects, that indeed would be a bummer… sorry (although I can’t be held responsible :wink:). As you might get new projects, my advise is to remove tags from the projects, otherwise, you’ll have that administration as well.

Okay I guess that makes sense. Still seems odd that a tagless runner can’t just run stuff with tags anyway but hey. I’ll just remove tags then.