Repository Storage path does not change after gitlab.rb git_data_dirs changed


In the UI “Settings” -> “Repository” -> “Repository storage”, the storage paths are not updated after I updated git_data_dirs in GitLab.rb file.
The path value is always “unix:/var/opt/GitLab/gitaly/gitaly.socket”. See the screenshot.

However, after I added a second storage path, and run “gitlab-ctl reconfigure”, the UI is updated to show two paths, but the values of the paths remain the same, although the key (or the name) of the paths are correctly updated.

My git_data_dirs are as following:
“default” => {
“path” => “/2nd_vhd/gitlab”
“second” => {
“path” => “/2nd_vhd/gitlab2”

Does anyone know what’s the problem and how to fix it?

Thank you very much.