Restore from backup to 6.4.3

Dear community,
I have a backup which I want to restore. This is the content of backup_information.yml:

:db_version: ‘20131217102743’
:backup_created_at: 2016-06-29 23:19:26.061849205 +02:00
:gitlab_version: 317362666be9358a8fccb4e0e9c4640bb1a2ef71
:tar_version: tar (GNU tar) 1.26

since the parameter gitlab_version is not the standard version number, I have searched in google and found out that this might be the commit number:

AFAIK this is from version 6.4.3
How can I install the 6.4.3 on ubuntu 14 ? Since I cannot find any package for this version anymore.

Or are there any possibility to restore my backup to a different version ?



GitLab Archived rpm’s are stored here. 6.4 is also available, please download, install and restore see if that works.