Omnibus Package for RHEL8


I’m going to download Omnibus package to install GitLab Self-Managed on RHEL8 environment
I’d like to confirm the file I need to get.

I’ve visited gitlab/gitlab-ce - Packages · and found several packages there.
I suppose I should download “el/8” for RHEL8.
I couldn’t find the meaning of “Distro/Version” and I’d like someone to confirm my action above is correct to get Omnibus package for RHEL8


EL8 is for RHEL, Centos 8, etc. So yes, this is the one you would be using. Alternatively, make it easy and use the repo: Download and install GitLab | GitLab follow the docs here for install. Then you can just do yum install gitlab-ce, or dnf install gitlab-ce. And when an updated package is available, a simple dnf update will upgrade you.

Thank you very much!

Your response helps me a lot.