Runner Not running as service

I just recently installed gitlab and went to go deploy runners. I created a runner and followed the steps to try to get it to run as a service. The service is running and it says it loads the config and initializing executor. Yet with the service running it doesn’t pull jobs. I can have it pull jobs when executing gitlab-runner run, but not as a service. Any guidance would be appreciated

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3. LTS

uname -ar: Linux dockerrunner 5.15.0-83-generic #92-Ubuntu SMP Mon Aug 14 09:30:42 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

gitlab-runner verify:
Runtime platform arch=amd64 os=linux pid=2206 revision=8ec04662 version=16.3.0
WARNING: Running in user-mode.
WARNING: The user-mode requires you to manually start builds processing:
WARNING: $ gitlab-runner run
WARNING: Use sudo for system-mode:
WARNING: $ sudo gitlab-runner…

Verifying runner… is valid

You need to register the Runner in your GitLab intance - Registering runners | GitLab

I did, It can accept jobs when doing gitlab-runner run.
Its not running as a service in the background

Do you use tags, or if you left tags empty you need to make sure that “Run untagged jobs” is checked in UI (or use --run-untagged when registering in CLI). You can read more about tags in docs

I encountered same behaviour which looks like regression to me. I’d been using gitllab-runner for 5+ years, and it never required any extra steps to be set up as a service (i.e. background running task) on Ubuntu. Yesterday I installed runner on a new instance and whenever I run it (as per docs) via gitlab-runner run it stays in foreground, i.e. will I need to either manually run it via cron @reboot or add & to send to background or use any other kludge of the day, while I never had to do such extra steps with previous versions.

Just do:

systemctl enable gitlab-runner
systemctl restart gitlab-runner

why would you jump through hoops to do it in cron, when you can just enable the service? If you are using runners that were 5+ years old that worked differently, it’s obvious that things change for the better. It’s called progress and moving things forward.

Also, using things like /etc/rc.local which was possible in the past and a normal method when there was no service config, is being deprecated (some distros still support it at least for now).

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I followed this steps to install it and there isn’t a comment to do systemctl enable gitlab-runner, this command do what is expected and in the past it was on there in the documentation I think, I hope someone add it to that section or somewhere.