How to search across multiple projects including their wikis?

I have a number of projects, and I want to be able to search for key words across all of them, including wiki entries.
Is there a way to do this?
Currently I noticed that project level search only returns project names that match the search term.
The search field at the top right of the dashboard allows you to search all public projects hosted on gitlab, which is not what I want either.
What am I missing?

I read that enabling elasticsearch allows you to do this on your own instance of gitlab.
But I have an account with Is elasticsearch enabled on the website?
If yes, then what is the syntax to search wikis across multiple projects?

After doing some testing on a local self managed instance, it definitely seems like the functionality you are looking for is enabled with elastic/advanced global search.

That said, this is definitely not present on Just taking a guess, but it is probably disabled intentionally due to performance/resource issues.

Good to know.
Apologies for belated reply.

Did you have to install elastic search separately in order for it to work?

Hey there,

Yes, elastic search had to be configured with my self managed instance for this to work. Have you moved over to a self managed instance where you have the option to get this configured?

I also understand that elastic search will only work with the enterprise version of gitlab. Is that correct?