Select notification email address for individual project/group

Hi all,

I stumbled across Gitlab when I discovered Gitorious was being taken over, one project that I wanted to contribute to was hosted there and had been moved over to Gitlab. So I set up my own personal account, forked the project in question, pushed my changes and submitted a pull request.

I mentioned it to my workplace, who have since decided to put a few of our projects up there instead of hosting them in house, so now I’ve been added to a group for my workplace, and I’ve set up a second email address on my Gitlab account for my work email account.

Now, for the projects on Gitlab that are not work-related, I’d like to receive the notifications on my home email account, but for the work-related ones, I’d like to receive notifications to my work email account.

For now I’ve made my work email address my notification address since I have more work-related projects than non-work ones, but ultimately the private stuff should stay private.

Is there a way to set the notification email address on a per-project or per-group basis rather than as one global setting?

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I’m having precisely the same issue and I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere. If there was a resolution, can you post it here for posterity?

Currently there is no way of setting up a notification email address on a per-project basis.

Has this changed at all? Would be very useful for those of us working on multiple projects with different emails.

Still no news on this matter? That’s a super useful feature.