Self hosted omnibus signup testing, test user not being deleted properly?

Hi Folks,
I’m testing the signup process on self hosted omnibus gitlab, trying to get our email system to play nice with gitlab generated emails and generally trying to find out what our new recruits will face during the sign up.

After deleting a user, via the admin control panel “delete user and all contributions” option, I find that I can’t recreate them via the sign up process as the username or email show as being taken already. I only have one test email address I can use for this testing, how do I free it up again? Is there some batch process that needs running to clean up the database?

many thanks,

OK, I may have figured out what’s happening: the email address was still being used as it was added as “secondary email” for a user when I edited their email address to their proper one, from being that test address.

This secondary address does not show up on the user list, only in the user edit page. I had to use the console command User.find_by_any_email(‘EMAIL address’) to track down where it was being used then spotted the secondary address feature afterwards.

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