Self managed instance login

I recently spun up a self managed instance of gitlab using docker, however I’m having issues with my initial login. Rather than being prompted to setup an admin password and account I’m simply directed to the regular login page. I attempted to register as a regular user but it requires admin approval to go through. I tried logging in as root and as using the contents of the initial_root_password file as the password but neither seemed to work. I even redeployed the container with an env variable of GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD but to no avail either. I’m sure this is something super simple but I’m not seeing anything in the docs about it.

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You can reset the root user password: Reset a user's password | GitLab

sudo gitlab-rake "gitlab:password:reset"

or as root user without sudo:

gitlab-rake "gitlab:password:reset"

also this post might help in relation to docker: Docker Gitlab change forgotten root password - Stack Overflow