[Self-Managed] Merge requests authors database edits


I’m currently working on a self-managed Gitlab that will serve as the main development platform for my company but, I’m facing an issue while importing repositories from my Github’s organization unit.

As most of my colleagues used to push with their personals email addresses to the company’s repositories, I’m having a hard time trying to sync their pull requests into Gitlab’s merge request without facing the author misassignment during the import. I’ve tried the Github integration technique for this process as well as setting their public email addresses to the company’s domain but, it didn’t work.

I found a workaround by diving into my Gitlab instance’s database, editing the ill-formed entries in the merge_request table to match the correct user IDs.

Despite the dirtiness of this method, it looks like it’s working for now, but I’m worried about the long-term consequences on the software.

Is there to your knowledge any major cons to this technique?

Thanks in advance.