Testing server side hooks on Gitlab SaaS

I want to test server side hooks. In my organization, we already have Gitlab. However, server side hooks can only be set by administrators, a policy that makes sense. Once I can test the hooks and get them working I can get them installed.

So, I signed up for Gitlab SaaS so that I could experiment with admin features such as sever side hooks. However, I am not sure where those features live or whether they are enabled. How can I get to the server side hooks on Gitlab SaaS?

Hi @neerajsangalks

If you look at the docs on server-side hooks you’ll see a bit of text that says All tiers Self-managed. This means that server-side hooks are only available on self-managed GitLab, and not on GitLab SASS (you can hover over that text for a more complete explanation).

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