Service desk (Or incomming email maybe?) can not find project email [Rejected]

I believe I have Incomming email and Service Desk setup correctly. When I run

gitlab-rake gitlab:incoming_email:check

I get the following :

Incoming Email: ... Checking Reply by email ...

IMAP server credentials are correct? ... Checking
Mailroom enabled? ... skipped
MailRoom running? ... skipped

Checking Reply by email ... Finished
Checking Incoming Email ... Finished

When I send an email using, a new issue is created and the service desk bot adds the issue to the project and I get a notification about the issue from the gitlab support-bot, whole nine yards.

I see that the initial key has changed in the reply to address so I know that this should be in the service registry. I consistently get every comment in the issue emailed to me with the same reply-to address.
When I reply to this email (by clicking reply to) however, even though I see the correct To address, I consistently get :

(I know the two screen shots are from two different issues, I just couldn’t find one from the original and have deleted the issue)

I checked in the mail room log and I do not see any errors there, I checked the service desk email, and do not see any odd behavior there.

I am self-hosted running 15.2, The only thing I can think of is maybe the incomming_email and service desk use different registry entries or something so service desk assigns the reply to address and incomming_email is whats picking up the email and can’t find the servicedesk+{key} maybe? I know I’m missing something but everything seems to work aside from commenting via reply-to emails.

Any help or suggestions on what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. Were you able to fix this?