Can not found Service Desk menu

i have trial Ultimate license
already configure “Incoming email”
but can not found menu “Service Desk” in project
GitLab Enterprise Edition 12.0.3-ee

root@gitlab:/etc/gitlab# sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:incoming_email:check Checking Incoming Email …
Incoming Email: … Checking Reply by email …
IMAP server credentials are correct? … yes Init.d configured correctly? … skipped MailRoom running? … skipped
Checking Reply by email … Finished
Checking Incoming Email … Finished

IMAP work, i look in logs on mail server
and gitlab reply on email

Unfortunately, your email message to GitLab could not be processed.
We couldn’t figure out what the email is for. Please create your issue or comment through the web interface.



I suppose the issue occurs because Service Desk will only work if your mail server supports sub-addressing as mentioned in the doc Configuring Service Desk. You may read about sub-addressing in the section Email sub-addressing. If sub-addressing is supported then you should be able to set the value of gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_address’] to something like incoming+%{key}@domain.tld as mentioned in the Config examples.

Let us know if it helps.