Share the issue with more than milestone

Im working on the agile management system in gitlab for example i have issue X assigned to milestone # 1 .
I couldnt finish it and would like to take it to the next milestone 2. In gitlab thats not possible. So i tried two scenarios :

  1. Duplicate the issue and assign it to milestone 2
  2. create a label that idicates that it belongs to the previous sprint What would you use? which will affect milestone #1 charts, completion percentage…etc and i dont want to lose such info.

Hi @Alribi

You say “In gitlab thats not possible” but you can just change the milestone directly on the issue page to do this.



Hi @snim2
I know i can change the milestone, but that issue will just go directly to the next milestone.
for example when i would like to see a previous milestone status it will always show that it was 100% completed because i moved all the remaining issues and no open issues exists there anymore.

Right, there isn’t a way to do exactly that.

What I do is to add a label called something like “Missed MyMilestoneName” and then change the milestone.

If you want to automate this, you can use gitlab-triage to do it for you.