[SOLVED] "Cannot save project" when trying to add new project in Gitlab-CI

When I try to add new project in Gitlab CI, I get the error “Cannot save project”

It did work before, but now suddenly I can’t add projects :frowning:

  • There are no errors in gitlab-ctl tail
  • I am owner of the group and project in Gitlab
  • Running Gitlab v7.2.2 and Gitlab CI v5.4.2, both Omnibus

I’ve tried without success:

  • Restarted gitlab (gitlab-ctl restart)
  • Loged out from Gitlab and Gitlab CI, and loged in again
  • In a new browser
  • Re-added the Gitlab-CI app in Gitlab (https://gitlab.tld/admin/applications)
  • Gave myself admin rights

But still I can’t add projects any more …


the URL in gitlab_ci['gitlab_server'] in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb didn’t start with httpS …

is there another way to add projects into Gitlab CI? Maybe inject it in the Database?

Today I have updated to v7.8.1, but still I can’t add a project…

Cannot save project

this makes Gitlab CI kinda useless … :cry: