SOLVED: "gitlab-ci-multi-runner install" throws "not supported system" on Gentoo Linux


I’m following the manual Linux installation guide to get the runners running on my box. The amd64 binary works fine and I get to the point where I install the init script with:

gitlab-ci-multi-runner install --user=gitlab_runner --working-directory=/var/gitlab/runner

FATAL: Failed to install gitlab-runner: Not supported system

I guess there’s a dependency missing on my box, but since I can’t peek inside the binary, I have no clue as to what it might be.

(I’m using underscores instead of dashes in usernames, not related to this problem.)

Thanks for your hints!

All the “install” command does is create an init script for Debian or Redhat. Any other distro will trigger the “not supported system” message.

However, “install” is just a tool and not used for the actual operation. I found a good starting point for Gentoo init scripts in the gitlab overlay: