[SOLVED] GitLab Pages: 404

I have found the solution to my issue. Incase anyone else (or myself in the future) runs into this issue, you MUST have an index.html page. If you ONLY have one page, that MUST be named index.html!


I’m glad you figured it out. It shouldn’t be strictly necessary to have an index.html file if you point to the exact page in your browser, but web servers look for an index file by default, so it is a good practice.

If you’re on Windows, you might find the software XAMPP useful for tinkering on your own computer (changes to your html will be instant, whereas changes to the GitLab Pages only show up on the site after they go through the pipeline), and it can help you to understand the web server aspect behind web hosts as well.

Have fun!

Thanks!! I’ll look into XAMPP! Right now I’m just using Atom & google…having a proper IDE will be great!

I think I may end up using Webstorm though, as I already have a student license for all their programs…