Somewhere along 13.7.x upgrades old images asset links are now broken in wiki pages

Existing wiki page on the foo/bar project, working OK before upgrades.

Uploaded images aren’t properly loaded anymore due to a bad link generation, i.e.
the ![img](/uploads/b339ecb05a77120a59b4b38932a01a69/awesome_img.jpg) slug is resolved as

The proper link should be This asset is accessible via this path and if one try to edit the page, images are properly displayed/resolved with the url pattern within the preview tab!

On a new wiki page, newly uploaded images are inserted with a slug without the leading / : ![img](uploads/test.jpg), which resolves as

No issue on images uploaded on issue so I suspect some wiki-related changes but could find any obvious mention/issue.

Someone experiencing this issue? I’m kind of desperate!