Wiki images not showing

We are using GitLab CE 13.7.4 and have noticed that in our Wiki pages some images are missing. When you click on them it shows a 404 error (or you don’t have permission to view it).

We are not entirely sure when this started happening, we only noticed it after the Christmas break.

Anyone have any pointers on how to resolve this issue?

Not all Wiki pages are affected which makes it odd.

Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue on my gitlab instance, with some images which are not displayed on wiki page
I have update gitlab-ce to the latest version but it does not solve the problem.

Three strange behavior :slight_s

  • the image are here on the server but with a different path than the one that can be displayed
  • on the same page, some image are shown and some are not
  • the preview tab show the image

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot

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I have such a problem.

At least we all have exactly the same symptoms…

Let’s hope someone can advise on how to rectify this issue. We have hundreds of images not showing so updating the URLs/location manually is not a reasonable action.