Source code in email notifications

We enabled email notifications for gitlab and it works.
We just have one problem:
If someone comments on code in a merge request, it always sends a part of the content of the file the person commented on inside the email. This can potentially leak internal information in an email without encryption.

Is there any way to tell gitlab to send the notification but not the content/context of the file? I couldn’t find anything like that.

Hi Stoll,
could you please let me know how you enabled the email notification. i have enabled the “email on push” service and it logs , it is saying like mail has been to sent to my id but i never recieved any mail. could you please help on this.

For questions like this you should first consult the docs and configuration and then please open a separate topic because this is in no way related to my question…
Anyway, please have a look at the smtp settings and check if they are correctly set up:

Sure Stolle. thanks