SSL issues

Hi all,

I need help with a SSL issue. I posted a similar issue on 24th August, no reply.

I have no experience with Github i’m afraid… It was built by a former staff member

I’ve done a few on Linux, and can work around a few things.

What i do on our Github server:

Replace the wildcard certificate for our server. Test - No change. Test with incognito\etc window - Bricked!

Restart server = Bricked.

Restart Github = Bricked.

any ideas?

Could you please expand on what the issue is? Is the browser not reconising your SSL cert?

Hi, yes, the browser does not recognize the certificate, and does the same in inprivate, or with cache turned off…

To clarify, I replace the .crt file - it is a purchased wildcard certificate, this is found in /etc/gitlab/ssl (Location confirmed by checking the config file)

I thought a restart would be required - But if i restart the server, or Github, it never comes back (Just spinning). The solution at that point is restoring to a snapshot.

Hi, sorry about the delayed reply.

My suggestion is to restore to the snapshot - as you said that is the work i.e. SSHable state. Find the exsting cert(s) (/etc/gitlab/ssl), download them and store them. Then I would delete the cert from the server - although you may not need to, but I would just to keep things tidy, after that use Certbot ( to get a new one. The docs are very good and GL (10.5) supports it out of the box,

Hope this fixes it.


I have found the issue - I can’t work with Wildcard certificates, or lets-encrypt… IT’s more limitations with networking\firewall in our place that stops the latter.

But if we buy a certificate, i can get through… this is done now, and Github is now working on for us…

One day. i might crack how to use a wildcard certificate, for now, getting up and running is more crucial

Glad you solved your issue, @KBcarl. To be clear, you’re talking about GitLab and not GitHub, correct?

Let us know how the rest of your installation goes!

Yep Gitlab Running CE 10.6.4 - I’m aware there is a new version, i may look at updating sometime, but i’m looking for change logs\information first, before i plan an update…

It’s Just our server is named github that’s all - that’s why i referred to it as github… I’ll ammend going forward.

Very much a POC at the moment that is used by limited users, just something we have no experience prior. Made it a fair challenge, as we have little linux knowledge here too (That’ll be me now lol…)

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Thanks for the update, good to hear you got your GitLab instance up and running.

In terms of Linux knowledge, I’m sure there are a bunch of folks in the forum that can help you with your questions, so feel free to ask away! :slight_smile: