Static hugo based website wont work

I have a private repo to serve my website.
It worked fine, I was able to configure google domains and Cloudflare the first time, the theme had some breaking changes so it stopped working.
I ended up deleting that private repo and recreated it.
Now it wont work, I have checked with google domains , they told me since I am using Cloudflare’s dns , I should check with Cloudflare,
Cloudflare told me to hit tracert and mtr with and without cloudflare’s dns , that I did and sent the results to them. So , they told me , there are some ip ranges , that provider could possibly be blocking.
Then google told me and once I have that done, everything is already correct at the google domains side.

I dont recall ever having to do anything to setup a redirect like that, so if someone could please guide me into how to do that ? Is that a setting at the repo or a configuration in the .gitlab-ci.yaml ?