Stuck in a bad place

Had a gitlab CE server, on 11.4.5, wanted to upgrade to 12.2.4, when I tried to do that, it obviously told me to go via 11.11, I installed 11.11.7.ce.0 which went fine, I then did an apt install gitlab-ce and upgraded to 12.2.4, however, for some reason it missed that my postgres DB needed to be updated first, and now both gitlab-ctl reconfigure error out (because the gitlab rail DB is too old to be upgraded), and gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade complain (because the last gitlab-ctl reconfigure didn’t work correctly). I can’t even install the 11.11.7 one again, as the installer bails due to /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes/myserver.json not having attributes.

I’m trying to re-install from 11.4.5 on a separate server, however, the gitlab-backup command doesn’t exist (as per the restore page), I’m in a really terrible place at the moment.

Any ideas?

Well, trying random gitlab-ctl commands I happened across gitlab-ctl upgrade and (possibly in co-ordination with skip-automatic-upgrades and disable=postgresql-upgrade) I managed to get reconfigure to work, downgraded to 11.11.7, removed the blocks, did the pg-upgrade, and the db:migrate, and then re-installed 12.2.4, and amazingly, everything works.

Hope this helps someone… though honestly, I hope you never have to deal with anything similar :slight_smile: