Synchronize or change user name for pushes against imported projects

I have migrated several projects from GitHub to GitLab, such as:

From the command-line, I changed the remote repository:

git remote set-url origin

When pushing changes, they are from dave.jarvis!, which I believe that was the user that GitLab generated automatically when importing from GitHub:

The email address is the same (in theory) for both accounts. After importing from GitHub, I thought the user for pushes would be:

How do I make subsequent pushes use DaveJarvis rather than dave.jarvis1?

Thank you!

Hi, I believe normally the default user would be set in the .gitconfig file which you would normally find in your home directory on Linux. On Windows, I’m not sure where, since I don’t use Windows. Alternatively, in your cloned repository on your system, look at the contents of .git/config file as the user could also be set in here.