Team members cannot use purchased minutes

I’m currently on the free tier (on with the ultimate trial) and have bought additional minutes to use shared runners. I have added a credit card, but my team mates have not (and do not have credit cards). Nonetheless, I am able to start pipelines, but they are not able to start pipelines despite having purchased minutes for the group.

I would like them to be able to use the purchased minutes without the system checking if they have credit cards.

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This issue has been discussed at some length in this thread. I believe that it is not possible, currently, for your developers to use your minutes without validation, but you might want to keep an eye on that other thread because I believe this may change at some point.

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Hi @moritzulmer :wave:

The additional minutes are applied to a namespace - either a group namespace ( or a personal namespace (

The message in the screenshot would indicate that this pipeline is running in a namespace that doesn’t have any CI minute purchase allocated to it. We most commonly see that when an individual user forks a project to their namespace and tries to run a pipeline. To have this user run pipelines that use the purchased minutes, make sure that they’re using the group namespace that the CI minutes have been allocated to.

Details about the validation requirement can be found here: User validation required?

Hi Greg, thanks for the swift reply. The UI gives me the impression, that the minutes have been allocated to the group namespace. If this is not the case, how can I rectify this? I’ve attached the minutes and membership overview, with redacted sensitive information.

Hi @moritzulmer

As you’re reporting difficulties utilizing extra storage that you’ve purchased, can you please open a Support ticket for this?

Under “Tell us about your GitLab subscription”, select "Consumption related (CI minutes, storage, etc.)


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