Trial Plan and Gitlab Pipelines

After some changes in our plan, we choose the Trial plan for a month, but now our developers can’t start any pipeline on our project and I don’t know why.

Some messages said that we don’t have build minutes time, but, our pipeline uses our self-hosted agent directly, so it’s not the root cause, I came here to call for some explanation about it, We don’t know how We could resolve this.

The developers’ view, shows up necessities to validate account putting Credit card, but we understand that it`s not correctly, all billing will be from the root account.

Suggest opening a support ticket, mentioning the trial plan and describing the problem.

I came from there, but the support told me that this ticket is only for paid subscribers or anything like that…

You have opened this ticket through our paid support channel and we were unable to automatically determine whether you have a license to a self-managed GitLab installation or a subscription to If you do not have a subscription, or you are on a trial, be aware that support is not included.

My user can make pipelines without problems, only other accounts were catching problems. A developer made a virtual Credit card and attached it to your account after this the pipeline works for him… but I thought it is very unnecessary in this case…


I’m one of the support managers at GitLab and I took a look at both the case you had created and your group on

It appears that your top level group has shared runners enabled so it is possible your users are running pipelines on GitLab hosted runners. If you are bringing your own runners you should consider disabling shared runners, or ensuring your runners and jobs are tagged with unique tags so that they will only get assigned to self-hosted runners.

Additionally, it is required for all members of a non-paid group to validate their accounts via credit card if they are using shared runners. This is for crypto-mining abuse prevention and more information regarding the topic can be found in our related blog post.

I hope this information is helpful and you are able to move forward with your projects!