This image has no active tags. Gitlab docker image registry

I have a docker image in my Gitlab registry with 3 tags. Today I noticed that all my tags were deleted but I can pull and push any tags to registry , and on the site in docker registry tab I have a message:

Expiration policy is disabled:
Where has gone my image’s tags and why was it removed?

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We also face the same issue currently. I have removed the old container registries and added it again, Still it shows the attached image.

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Do you find any information about this?
I don’t see tags for my containers but I can pull and push their to the registry)

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We also have this issue across all projects.

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it’s like seen this:
and this:

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I have the same issue
It is a typo

It will be fixed soon, hopefully

You can fix the GET request and see the json response.
You don’t need the nice interface lol

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I thinks so)

It’s already works!

Yes, it works now.