Time tracking, and now?

So I have assigned an estimate time to each issue in the next milestone. When somebody wants to know what time we estimated for that particular issue, or if we’re still on time (if we manage to enter the actual time spent), they can go to that issue and look up that one number.

And now? How much time will I need for the entire milestone? (So when is a realistic expire date?) Have I assigned an estimate to every issue in the milestone? What are the longest issues, what are the shortest ones? I have no idea. I do have the raw data stored in the issues but to make any use of them, I first need to copy them out, maybe to Excel, and do my analysis there. GitLab provides nothing but a “dumb” storage for the value. I wouldn’t necessarily dare to call that a feature, and create an entire “landing page” for it. It’s more like a prototype.

I empathize with this so much. We are ramping up our development and so trying to optimize our use of GitLab PM features, but they (imho) seem to lack…

If a third party add-in is an option, you can get detailed analytics of your issue data including work estimates per milestone, from the Screenful Dashboard for GitLab.

Here’s a direct link to a live demo using data from the GitLab Runner project.